Claims, Insurance, and What We Do To Expect The Unexpected

Jaime Ortiz
October 11, 2023

Our team has provided top-tier freight shipping services for over a decade. Make no mistake. We take every precaution possible to prevent damages, late deliveries, or discrepancies with your freight. We are always prepared to provide the best service, but we also like to be prepared for the unexpected. Keep reading to find out all the safety nets we offer to ensure a stress-free shipping process.

We offer cargo insurance with every shipment.

Our carriers count with insurance for all shipments. According to the service we provide, you will have access to the following coverage:

  • For a full truckload shipment, $100,000.00 US per trailer or conveyance.
  • For a shared truckload shipment, our carriers offer $100,000 in the aggregate per trailer or conveyance, provided that liability to each shipper will be prorated based on the linear feet of the trailer or container utilized by the shipper.
  • For a less-than-truckload or “LTL” shipment, the limit per pound for the applicable freight class set forth in the Carrier’s tariff, but in any case not to exceed $25.00 per pound of lost or damaged cargo up to $100,000 per trailer or conveyance.

No matter how long or short the trip is. If the value of your freight is higher, we can always offer additional insurance at an extra cost to make sure your shipment is covered in the case of an accident or damages.

Looking to get additional insurance for your shipment? Talk to your sales representative about including that in your quote!

What if my freight gets damaged?

In the case of an accident, we ask that you take pictures of the damages, and describe the damages on your Bill of Lading (BOL). Our team will take care of submitting the documentation to our carrier’s insurance. Next, an adjuster will show up to the facility where the damaged freight is located. There, they will inspect and report the damages to your freight. Once approved, they will write a check to your company with the claim amount.

This is an informational article summarizing parts our terms and conditions. For a full copy of our terms and conditions, please visit our website or request a copy via

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