7 Reasons to Keep Partnering With Us in 2023

Jose Benitez
October 11, 2023
We’re glad to share that in 2022, Protrade provided excellent service to over 100 new customers, moving approximately 5,000,000 lbs of shipments all over North America.

In 2023, we are striving for better ways to continue to provide top-tier logistics solutions. Continue reading to find out how we are building a more efficient customer experience during the upcoming year.

1. Creating an Online Customer Portal

Protrade already provides you with easy access to tracking your shipments, managing your account, updates on your shipments, and answering any questions you might have along the way. In 2023, we plan to make this all available to you through a one-stop shop that makes access to all our services more convenient and gives you live updates on any shipments you have.

This new customer platform is currently in development, and we want to share a few of the key features we are focusing on as we tackle this exciting new project:

  • Ease of Use - This platform should offer an uncrowded interface that allows users to quickly check what they need without having to find features hidden in long menus or complicated systems.
  • Secure Platform - Throughout it all, we want to ensure that customer data will remain private, and protected with a secure system. Our technology partners at FTM count with high platform security and guaranteed uptime so you never lose access to the platform or your information.
  • Live Location Updates - Working alongside our Carrier Portal, this customer feature will allow you to track your shipment's live location without the need to contact our Operations team.

2. Creating a Carrier Portal

Similar to our Customer Portal, this new tool will allow us to better connect with our carrier partners. They will see your loads easier, and bid faster, which helps us bring you quicker, more competitive quotes.

Moreover, the Carrier Portal will help us provide you with live tracking on your loads, as well as retrieve shipment documents quicker from your carrier.

3. Collaborating with our Technology Partners

Our efforts to continue streamlining our operations do not stop at user experience. We also look forward to expanding our relationships with our existing technology partners.

In 2023, Protrade will continue collaborating with Tech innovators like Salesforce, Freight Trans Manager, Priority 1, Nextiva, ComFreight, HaulPay, and more. Our goal is to work together to provide more streamlined solutions in freight matching, data analytics, live tracking, customer service, carrier booking, and many other targets for us in 2023.

4. Expanding our Operations staff

We continue to guarantee 24/7/365 customer service to all of our customers. Part of our 2023 plan is to expand our Operations team to ensure that no matter how busy we are, there’s always a representative ready to help you.

5. Diverse Hiring Initiatives

We are Latino-owned and minority-led. It is important to our mission that we continue giving equal opportunities to underrepresented communities in logistics. Protrade continues to develop and implement strategies that reduce biases in the hiring process while attracting, and retaining, qualified candidates.

6. Growing our carrier network

Protrade always looks forward to creating new relationships with the best carriers in order to help with faster bookings and offer more competitive prices. Our network is 30,000+ strong, and we plan to keep growing it by adding hard-working, professional carriers all around North America.

7. Investing in In-House Long-Term Storage Solutions

We already offer long-term storage solutions all over the U.S. thanks to our many partners across the country. In 2023, we plan to also offer in-house long-term storage solutions to keep offering the same high standard that we pride ourselves on. Our first target is to open a storage location in Chicago, IL. The windy city is one of the national hotspots for freight and is central to a lot of traffic traveling all over the country.

These are only 7 of our most recent projects and initiatives we plan to tackle in the upcoming year. We hope these give you some insight into our commitment and determination to keep providing top-tier service to our customers.

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