Truckers advocate for FMCSA to establish guidelines for waiting time compensation

Jaime Ortiz
November 6, 2023

In the fast-paced world of logistics, time is crucial. However, an ongoing problem in the industry is that drivers are not paid for the time they spend waiting at facilities. This issue not only affects truckers' livelihoods but also hampers the overall efficiency of the logistics ecosystem.

Recently, I read an insightful article on FreightWaves that addressed this concern. It highlighted the challenges faced by drivers in receiving fair compensation for the hours they spend waiting at warehouses, distribution centers, and other facilities. The article resonated with me as it emphasized the need for a solution that ensures truckers are paid appropriately for their valuable time.

At Protrade Logistics, we strongly believe in treating our drivers with respect and fairness. That's why we have taken proactive measures to address detention time compensation. We recognize that our drivers are the backbone of our operations, and their dedication and hard work deserve recognition and reward.

To solve this problem, we have implemented a comprehensive system that ensures our drivers are compensated for every minute they spend waiting. We have established clear guidelines and processes to accurately track and document detention time. This enables us to calculate the compensation owed to our drivers, ensuring they receive what they rightfully deserve.

By prioritizing fair compensation practices, we not only support our drivers but also contribute to a more equitable and efficient logistics industry. We believe that every stakeholder in the logistics ecosystem should be treated fairly and compensated for their time and efforts.

Our commitment to fair compensation extends beyond our drivers. We advocate for industry-wide changes that address this issue and promote a more sustainable and inclusive logistics sector. We actively engage with industry associations, regulatory bodies, and other stakeholders to raise awareness about the importance of paying drivers for detention time. Together, we can make a positive impact on the industry as a whole.

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