Tracking Updates Made Easy With Our Driver Portal

Jaime Ortiz
October 11, 2023

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Hey there, Driver!

We've put together a quick guide to help you use our Driver Portal. Check it out to see how easy it is to use and keep us updated!

Our Driver Portal is made just for drivers like you! It's a super helpful tool that does more than just tell us where you are. Not only can you send us location updates, but you can also access important driver instructions that you need to follow as part of our driver team.

Location updates made easy

Our Driver Ping Text feature makes updates a breeze. Instead of wasting time on a call, our system lets us ping your exact location with just one click. Every time we send you on a job, you'll get text messages periodically, asking you to give us a location update. All you have to do is click on the link in the text message and let your browser track your location. Then we'll get your pinged location on our system right away!

Depending on the job's priority, you might get a request to update us anywhere from every 4 hours to every 30 minutes.

Plus, both the pickup and delivery sections have features that let you tell us when you arrive and depart the pickup or delivery location. To give us that status update, just click the respective button once you arrive or depart for delivery or pickup.

You'll get text messages periodically, and all you have to do to update us is click on the link and allow location sharing on your browser. Just so you know, providing updates to our dispatch team is part of our carrier agreement, and carriers are expected to keep in close communication with us. If you don't provide timely updates to our dispatch team via the driver portal, you may face a $200 fine per our carrier agreement.

Uploading files to the portal

Our portal also makes it easy for you to upload files like Proof of Delivery, scale tickets, photos of loads, and proof of damaged freight. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the Upload files button.

Problems sharing location

Not seeing the “Share location” message? No worries. To fix this, you'll need to turn location permissions on for your browser. Click here to learn how.

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