Who's behind your freight solutions? Meet the Protrade Logistics Team

Rubi Arroyo
October 11, 2023

At Protrade, providing top-tier freight solutions is just the beginning. We count on a team that combines top-level experience with young talent to give the best service possible. Protrade was established amid a global pandemic in 2020, and we are proud of the resilience that our employees and our company have shown to remain relevant in this competitive industry.

We're always eager to celebrate our employees and their milestones.

Today, we highlight four of our best and most hardworking members at all company levels.

Meet Jose Benitez. He is the President and CEO of Protrade Logistics. Mr. Benitez is the company's visionary, and he counts 10+ years of experience in the logistics industry. Jose believes in the power of supporting small businesses and empowering people of color in the industry. He's proud to be leading a latin-owned company and dedicates a lot of his time helping young talent learn about the world of logistics and how to succeed in the industry. Mr. Benitez has gotten to know the industry from the bottom up. Starting as a Shipping & Receiving Clerk, Jose is proud to have worked at all levels of the supply chain industry and believes that it gives him a unique perspective to how shipping works at every step of the process. Throughout the 10+ years of his career, Jose has built an extensive network that helps Protrade Logistics offer some of the most competitive prices.

Jaime Ortiz is our Director of Operations. Like Jose, Jaime has worked with logistics companies for the last 15 years, which makes him a well-qualified, dedicated logistics professional today. Mr. Ortiz monitors logistics strategies, manages client support, oversees communications, and monitors market rates to increase profits. Jaime also knows the logistics world from many angles. Having started as a dispatcher for a small logistics company, he has extensive knowledge of troubleshooting problems, streamlining communications with carriers and shippers, and maintaining competitive prices for our clients.

Our National Sales Director, John McCarthy, has been at the forefront of the logistics industry for over 35 years. John is an expert in the logistics sector and an accomplished professional with an excellent reputation. John makes it a priority to provide client satisfaction, support, and communication.

Pablo Vargas is our VP of Marketing and Communications. A recent graduate from Dominican University, Pablo's primary goal is to manage the Protrade brand to communicate a professional, affordable, and reliable image to our clients. He has handled many projects like our recent website redesign, our most recent social media campaigns, and all of our online content.

Rubi Arroyo is our Administrative Executive. Ms. Arroyo helps our departments run smoothly by supervising scheduling, accounting, project management, and many of the essential administrative tasks that keep the company running.

Thanks to our employees, Protrade can proudly provide fast, reliable freight solutions to clients all over North America. Stay in touch, and find us on social media! We're always eager to highlight our talent and look forward to sharing more of our company in the future.

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